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                                   KALDAJA sh.a.

[ Steel Structures & Carpentry ]     

Kaldaja sh.a is a company with a large activity in the mechanical industry sector since 1969 and has consistently maintained the same structure of product even after its change in stock company in June 1998 and its full privatization in November 2001.


In our experience we have build and helped build different types of steel structures and buildings, including the construction and assembly of 25.000 m² metallic warehouses, with and without cranes, and production plants of several dimensions and purposes.


One of the fields we operate in is also the construction and maintenance of fuel tanks and technological lines and fire security systems for the companies , we also produce other vessels under pressure for this industry as well as oil distribution tents.


We work with steel carpentry, we have a wide range of commissioned products, and high capabilities in production range and quantity.
We work for the internal and European market and have steady business relationships with our clients.


Working for other industrial companies we have often produced structures for various industries including :
Silos  of various capacities, 
bridge structures, overpasses, but also with piled foundations,  maritime constructions, cranes, naval structures etc.