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Kaldaja sh.a is a company with a large activity in the mechanical industry sector since 1969 and has consistently maintained the same structure of product even after its change in stock company in June 1998 and its full privatization in November 2001. With its long experience in the mechanical industry, "Kaldaja" sh.a has, as one of its main components, a favorable position , a good technical staff and a team of specialized welders and assemblers as well as the experience that makes possible work administration.


Situated in the industrial area of Durres, Kaldaja sh.a has a large establishment of 8'500 sqm, and 6'200 sqm covered surface. It is positioned strategically between three main ways that go throughout Albania, near the Highway connecting with Tirana and Kosovo, as well as near the Highway that goes to the southern cities of Fier and Vlora.
Mos favorably it is also located only 1km away form the Port of Durres.


In 2008, from "KALDAJA" sh.a company , a new company was born "DR-KALDAJA" sh.p.k, which is specialized mainly in installations and out of the workshop works.


Including the technical-administrative personnel both companies altogether have a workforce of permanent employees of approx 40 persons with an average age of 36 years old, from which 4 engineers ( mechanic, structural and environmental), 4 technicians with 30 years of experience, 3 accountants with middle and higher qualification and 28 production workers.


With today's number of employees and inventory of existing machinery it can achieve a working volume (production and installation) of 60-100 ton/month and with an increased workforce we can achieve up to 120-200 ton/month , this assuming we increase by 50% the number of our permanent employees.


We are also Quality Certified with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001